A New Dawn at CSW

by CSW Director Rob Field


The beginning of the end of the pandemic is part of the picture, but not the whole story. A new chapter is starting to unfold at Center for Spiritual Wisdom. Like a hiker at dawn, however — before the mist has lifted, I do not yet see clearly what’s ahead of us.

A few things about the Center’s future are coming into focus, even amidst the uncertainty that accompanies all things as they grow and change:

  • CSW will continue to be an ecumenical, interspiritual, and practice-based spirituality center
  • CSW will continue to encourage Living a Vibrant Spiritual Life through our events, program offerings, and pilgrimages
  • A “core curriculum” of CSW offerings will become the basis of a more comprehensive educational program
  • As the public health situation improves, CSW will return to more in-person offerings while continuing to offer online learning options, when possible
  • The mystical and contemplative dimensions of many religious traditions will continue to be a primary touchstone for our work, in addition to the common good
  • CSW will live more fully into the interfaith and interspiritual dimensions of our mission, partnering more frequently with Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist (etc.) teachers and practitioners

This attempt to think, pray, and live our way into a new future has been on my heart and mind as we prepare to welcome our first intern and also gather our board and other collaborators for a strategic planning and visioning retreat in August. Some “old things” will remain as new dimensions evolve, which feels just right as CSW enters its fifth year.

We also want to expand our board by nominating some new members. If you like what we’re doing and feel so inclined, please get in touch with me using our contact form to let me know you’d like to discuss the possibility of serving on our board, or in some other capacity. Come help us welcome this new day that’s beginning to dawn.


photo by Aaron Thomas via Unsplash