Most people lead busy, distracted lives — making it all too easy to lose touch with our souls. Even in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s possible to spend most of our days at home, but still busy ourselves with inconsequential tasks and distractions.

If you consider yourself “in tune” with the spiritual dimension of your life, let us congratulate you! Undoubtedly, this means you’ve made it a big priority. Perhaps you’ve found a combination of wisdom and spiritual practice that works well for you.


1-on-1 "soul friend" sessions

If you’ve lost touch with your deeper nature, consider a no-cost consultation with CSW Director Rob Field.

Rob offers 1-on-1 “soul friend” sessions with individuals who want to explore a deeper connection with their higher power and get re-connected to their true selves.

EMAIL or call Rob at (828) 577-8168.
First session is always free of charge.