When Center for Spiritual Wisdom first formed in 2016, we decided to call ourselves a practice-based spirituality center. It was our way of saying, “In everything we do, we want to emphasize a practical, hands-on approach to spirituality.”

In this way, we were trying to communicate two things:

1. The Enlightenment-influenced era of connecting to a higher power primarily by thinking, talking and proclaiming — however much this may have helped folks in the past — is drawing to a close. We want to offer a different approach.

2. For too long, our souls have been disconnected from experience and action. The highest wisdom of the world’s great religious and spiritual traditions has always taught All Is One. If that’s true (I believe it is), this means there is no separation between body & soul, spirit & reason, action & contemplation. What brings them all together is love in action.

We are not the first (and certainly won’t be the last) organization trying to bring together “soul work & justice work, science & spirituality, faith & reason, individual needs & the public good” (from CSW’s Vision & Key Principles). I invite kind souls like you to help us be true to our own principles!

In the August edition of our E-News, you’ll find an announcement about a new Souls Seeking Justice group that will start meeting in September. The goal of Souls Seeking Justice is to encourage participants to explore the intersection of spirituality and social justice in the lives of participants and their communities (learn more here).

Meanwhile, we have additional offerings in the coming weeks on the topics of meditation and the wisdom of world religions. The dance between reflection and experience, theory and practice, contemplation and action is never ending.

Come join us as we try to figure it out — together.

-Rob Field