by CSW Director Rob Field


A familiar story from an Eastern tradition goes something like this. A young student asks her spiritual master, “Can a person achieve enlightenment without engaging in a regular spiritual practice?” The master quickly replies, “In theory, it is possible.” The student then asks, “Have you ever known such a person?” “No,” says the master. “In fact, I haven’t even heard of such a person.”

We might desire instant enlightenment (spiritual progress, sanctification, wholeness, etc.) and thereby avoid a regular spiritual practice. But the truth is, we are kidding ourselves. Such a thing might be possible on very rare occasions, but you and I might have better luck buying a lottery ticket!

This leads me back to the wisdom of regularly engaging in some type of spiritual practice. Center for Spiritual Wisdom was founded primarily to share practices from a variety of traditions. We create opportunities to learn and practice them along with other seekers. Last month, we launched a new weekly meditation group on Tuesday mornings. It’s led by Dr. Robert Cabin, is donation based, and open to everyone regardless of experience. The list of practice groups we have either founded or co-founded is long. It’s at the core of what we do.

“Practice makes perfect” says the old adage. Although it probably wasn’t talking about spiritual practices, I think it can be tweaked for a better bit: Practice makes us more whole and balanced. I invite you to join one of our practice groups or learning series. You’ll find there are lots of us who don’t want to practice alone anymore.


photo by Mikhail Nilov