I was taking a walk with a friend, in some of the gorgeous weather we’ve had lately in Western N.C. She said these words as we walked near a bush, bursting with new blossoms. I’m so glad she stopped me!

The flowers on the bush all looked like the one in this photo. Can you imagine? The bees had the wisdom to linger: dozens were buzzing around the bush, lured by its sweet perfume and the promise of pollen. My friend and I just stood and marvelled for a few minutes before continuing on our way.

Yes: spring has sprung. But there was something else in the air. In the warm sunshine and occasional breeze, we kept encountering other people, out to take in the beauty. As I drove home, I realized re-connecting is a theme for many of us right now. After a year of pandemic-induced isolation, we are ready to emerge and awaken to the wider world, the Spirit, and perhaps our own souls.

Re-connecting is not only about taking an enjoyable walk in spring weather. Some things we will encounter are not pleasant. In my own community, anonymous racist letters were left just blocks from my house, distributed by a white supremacist group trying to recruit new members. Days later, a local resident was arrested for leaving explosive devices in an otherwise peaceful downtown. The past year and beyond has been a time of chaos and turbulence, while systemic problems are becoming more evident to a greater number of people. Re-awakening can be discomforting.

At Center for Spiritual Wisdom, we teach spiritual practices as tools for re-connecting and re-awakening. We believe it’s always better to learn and grow alongside fellow seekers, which is why I’m so encouraged that we are able to plan a return to in-person events later this year. If you are ready to re-connect and awaken to the beauty and chalenges of the world, come join us.


photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash