CSW Assistant for Communications & Administration


Unclutch your tightened arthritic heart
Quitting’s the only way to restart
Waves crash into each other
But remember that waves always catch each other

Pins and needles light fire to sleeping limbs
But out of your life, heartaches you ought not trim
Without first the burn, forever you’ll be numb
When you first glimpse happiness, please don’t run

Around in your mind loneliness twirled
Unclog your ears to the music of the world
Let the rhythms flow in
It’s not a sin to begin to hear again

But those holes in your head aren’t one-way doors
Melt your mind til out of your ears it pours
Force your tired brains to dribble out
It’s not something to harbor fear about

Your body’s lied to you this whole time
Convincing you it’s a hard-fast line
Between your throbbing soul and the world
But it’s not when your heart’s unfurled

Tie a string around your finger to remember
Your fibers are far too limber
To settle for anything less than the tremble
Of the whole Goddamn world



photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha via Unsplash