Aging as a Spiritual Practice

with Dr. Mary Ann Iyer

Mondays, Feb. 13, 20, 27 from
2:00 to 3:30 p.m.

Elk Haven Wellness Center, Brevard, N.C.

Join Dr. Mary Ann Iyer for the 3-part series “Aging as a Spiritual Practice” starting Feb. 13, 2023. This series will meet in person at Elk Haven Wellness Center for 3 successive Mondays to explore this compelling topic with other seekers, in a fun and dynamic learning environment.

Aging can be a spiritually growth-filled time if we open to the gifts and possibilities of this stage of our lives. In the series, Dr. Iyer will explore:

    • Letting go of historic roles and “self-identities.”
    • Redefining possibilities with sometimes new limitations.
    • Exploring latent talents, desires, aspirations.
    • Finding a deeper sense of value with different priorities.

Dr. Iyer maintains an ethic of allowing the space for safe individual growth and deepening. To that end, her events include a healthy combination of individual work, meditative journaling (inner prompts guided by guided imagery), and 2-person conversations to facilitate the deepening process.

“We still have a future as we age!” says Mary Ann. “I will love to share time this time with you, exploring the ways we can open into our deeper, more authentic selves:

    • As we drop our former roles
    • Responsibilities
    • Images
    • And capabilities

“What are we invited to open ourselves to – during this magical time of releasing what was – into what is yet to be?”

The overall focus of the series will be to explore aging as a time of release, and renewed growth, with deeper intention.

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Mary Ann Iyer, MD has been at the forefront of Mindbody Wellness since 1982. Board-certified in Internal Medicine and with a Masters in Psychology, she takes a uniquely psycho-spiritual approach to healing. Since 1982, Dr. Iyer has focused on the “mind-body” connection in her clinical work, writing, and teaching. She and her husband live in Western N.C. Learn more about Dr. Iyer at her website.