Beyond Personality Type

    You’ve had a basic introduction to the Enneagram, and you’ve got “your number.” Now what? We suggest learning to use it as a tool for spiritual growth.

    Join Paula Benton and Rob Field for an online group learning series that will show you how to use the Enneagram to reconnect with your soul — in all its depth, complexity, and beauty. The series will meet June 23 through July 28 during six weekly sessions. The day and time will be Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., using Zoom video conferencing (a secure, user-friendly platform).


    (we will offer this series again in 2021)

    Enneagram’s original purpose

    Although many people know the Enneagram as a personality typing system, few have learned to use it as a tool for spiritual growth — which is its original purpose. When Center for Spiritual Wisdom recently asked participants which program topic most interested them, this offering ranked the highest.

    Topics for this series will include 9 Levels of Development, the Other Enneagrams (passions, fears, gifts, virtues), the 9 Red Flags & Wake-Up Calls, the Inner Observer, and Using Your Wings & Arrows. Each session will include a check-in time, teaching by the facilitators, and invitations for reflection through weekly questions. If they wish, participants will be given the opportunity to apply their learnings by sharing a real-life application and receiving the wisdom of the group.

    All participants will receive a copy of the book

    For this intermediate-level offering, basic knowledge of the Enneagram and one’s own Enneatype are prerequisites. Resources will be made available to participants prior to June 23rd to help them confirm their Enneatype (“home number”) and review basic information.

    The registration fee includes a copy of the main text for the course: The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson (The Enneagram Institute). The front cover of the book is reproduced on this page.

    Paula Benton and CSW Director Rob Field, both spiritual directors, have been learning about and teaching the Enneagram for decades. Together and separately, they have led dozens of Enneagram workshops, seminars, and retreats.

    Participation will be limited to insure a quality group experience, and registrations are now being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.



    book the wisdom of the enneagram