Exploring Social Justice & Spirituality

Center for Spiritual Wisdom is forming a new group called Souls Seeking Justice. Its goal is to encourage participants to explore the intersection of spirituality and social justice in the lives of participants and their communities. The group will support individuals as they attempt to answer the question, “What am I called to do in response to the times in which we now live?”

Many people believe we are now living through a time of crisis in our nation and the wider world. Such times call for the courage to examine issues of race, poverty, healthcare, “…and justice for all.” Without support from others, however, it can be difficult to gain clarity and move towards action.

Initially, Souls Seeking Justice will meet online using Zoom video conferencing, and commit to meet together for at least 6 months, starting in September. The group will meet twice per month for 90 minutes, at a time to be determined by the group. CSW Director Rob Field will be part of the circle, and he will facilitate the group’s first gathering.

Souls Seeking Justice will use a model developed by theologian & activist Dorothee Soelle, who was part of a movement in Germany in the late 1960s and early 1970s called “Political Night Prayer.” Horrified by the death and destruction taking place in Vietnam, Soelle and others gathered for prayer, discussion, and social action in response to current events. Read more about the model for these groups HERE.

Participation will be limited to the first 12 people who contact Field to register their interest. Please email him at director@centersw.org  Questions are welcome!

Man wearing a hat that says "Love Your Neighbor"