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On Thursday, November 19 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm Eastern the Center will discuss the fourth film in its “Reel Spirit Movie Project” series—The Apostle (1997), a drama starring Robert Duvall, Farrah Fawcett, Miranda Richardson, and Billy Bob Thornton. Duvall, who also co-produced, wrote, and directed the film, received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, and Rotten Tomatoes comes in with a 90% on its Tomatometer.

The intrigue of the film is captured well in this anonymous viewer’s review found in social media:

“Sonny is a preacher on a mission from God. He is also a drunk, womanizer and inclined to fight his way out of a corner. If you think that people who have a fundamentalist faith who might behave in such a way are hypocrites, then this film will wind you up. If you perceive faith to be a mystery and that anyone who tries to live according to their beliefs gets shown up for the contradictions in their lives, then you will love this film.”

For more information about The Apostle, see IMDB here.

The format of these film discussions is well-received by participants, who are encouraged to find free and open expression. We strive to create an informal and fun atmosphere that is safe for all to express their views without fear of judgment or attack. The facilitator for each event creates a Discussion Guide that focuses on key themes for the film, and we send this guide to all registrants ahead of the film discussion. Since we are still practicing social distancing due to COVID-19, participants will begin by viewing the selected film on their own. We will then follow with a scheduled 2-hour facilitated discussion, which the Center will lead and host electronically through Zoom.

The facilitator for The Apostle is Terry Decker, for whom the film resonates with his own memories as a preacher’s kid in the American Baptist tradition and who, like Sonny, was “dragged” into tent revivals at an early age. Terry is a Brevard resident who loves movies and volunteers his time and talent at the Center, and who is a repeat facilitator for “The Reel Spirit Movie Project”. He brings many years of experience leading groups in education, non-profit, religious, and technical forums.

There is no charge for this event, but participants are asked to please consider a donation to Center for Spiritual Wisdom. To register or receive additional information, please email Cindy Decker at Registrations will be received on a first-come, first-served basis. To donate to the Center, go to

Also, stay tuned for other movies planned by the Reel Spirit Movie Project, including the film Of Gods and Men in December.