1. Tell Your Friends & Family

2. Donate Regularly

3. Follow Us On Social Media

4. Attend Our Events

5. Read & Share Our Posts

If you’d like to support the Center’s work and help us keep our doors open during a difficult time, we have 5 suggestions:

1. Tell your friends & family about us. The most effective (and least costly) advertising is telling 1 or 2 other people what Center for Spiritual Wisdom is all about. If you’re enthusiastic about what we do, chances are they will listen & remember.

2. Donate regularly. CSW is a young non-profit organization in a small town. We survive on two sources of revenue: fees paid for our offerings, and donations from people like you. We greatly appreciate every donation, regardless of amount. When the bills come due each month, however, it’s the regular givers who help us break even. Please consider becoming a monthly giver, which you can do using the Donate button on our Donations page.

3. Follow us on social media. When you like us on Facebook, comment on a post, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or share something from CSW on your own Facebook page, you extend our reach through the magic of social media. Those clicks, shares, and comments make a big difference!

4. Attend our events. Admittedly, this one’s pretty obvious. But it’s closely connected to suggestion #1, because you’ll be a more effective word-of-mouth friend of CSW if you attend our events. It means you’ll be recommending us based on recent personal experience. And when you attend an event and pay a registration fee or make a donation, you also contribute to our financial well-being.

5. Read & share our posts. If you’ve gotten this far, you are someone who follows our communications. Thank you! Whenever you forward our e-news to a friend or family member, or click “like” on a Facebook or YouTube post by the Center, you are helping to raise our profile.



Thank you kindly. May peace & health be yours.