WE’RE HIRING! Center for Spiritual Wisdom is seeking a half-time Assistant Director to help oversee our operations, fundraising, and program management. Our goal is to hire a successful candidate and have her/him/them at work by this June or July. Interviews will be conducted in May.

The Assistant Director position has been created as part of a structural reorganization of the Center’s staff. Rob Field will remain as Director, and will reorient his focus to encompass strategic priorities such as partnerships and major projects. He will continue as a presenter for some of the Center’s popular programs, co-lead pilgrimages, and maintain his one-on-one soul friend / spiritual companioning work.

The Assistant Director position will require 18-24 hours of contact time per week, some of it through in-person attendance at Center events, in-person meetings with staff and volunteers, while also offering an opportunity to work remotely to fulfill the position’s other duties. Benefits include flexible scheduling, free attendance for most of the Center’s offerings, and a fun and fulfilling work environment.

To learn more and apply for the position, use the following link (position info and application details are hosted at Indeed):


If you have questions after reviewing information at this link, please contact Rob FIeld directly at director@centersw.org

Rob Field Profile Photo

Center for Spiritual Wisdom’s office is located here, at Elk Haven Wellness Center in Brevard