What Are Biblical Values?

Feb. 12 – March 19, 2023

6-week online book study, led by Rob Field & Flora Brooke

Begins Sunday, Feb. 12, 7:00-8:30 p.m.


Due to last winter’s enthusiastic response we are offering another online book study. The discussion will focus on John Collins’ most recent book What Are Biblical Values: What the Bible Says on Key Ethical Issues. The book study will be facilitated by CSW Director Rob Field and CSW Associate Flora Brooke and will meet online Sunday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Eastern from February 12 to March 19. 

Many people today (including American politicians) claim their positions on various issues are grounded in biblical values, and they use scriptural passages to support their claims. In this thought-provoking book, a distinguished  professor of religious studies explores what the Bible actually says about controversial topics such as abortion, gender, family values, justice and the environment. Written over the course of several hundred years the Bible contains contradictory positions on multiple issues. Seldom does it provide simple answers; more often it shows the complexity of moral problems. Collins even raises the question: Is it intellectually responsible to refer to “biblical values” in a general way?

“Strictly speaking, the Bible does not mean anything until it is interpreted. Appeal to textual agency (“but the Bible says”) is far too simple an evasion of the reader’s responsibility. The more important question, however, is whether it is possible to interpret the Bible with a degree of objectivity so that people who approach it with different prejudices and faith commitments can reach consensus. I hold that a degree of objectivity is possible.” – John Collins

Rob and Flora will facilitate discussion, summarize book themes, and lead the group in exploring some of the key biblical texts mentioned in Collins’ book. Program cost for this 6-week series is $49 per person (regular admission), or at registration you can choose Admission Plus for $79 (helps support this & other CSW events).  Group size will be limited to 12 registrants to insure the opportunity for full participation by the group.

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