Fundraising Record!
The Amazing Power of Many Hands

by Rob Field, CSW Director


I’m a “word guy,” so I’m rarely struck dumb. Then it happened: I had a complete loss of words recently when the Center hit a fundraising milestone: more than $15,000 raised in our year-end appeal, doubling our initial goal of $7,500. Since November 2021, we received a total number of 50 gifts to Center for Spiritual Wisdom — also a record for a similar period.

After my brief period of wordlessness, one finally came:


The next two words followed closely behind: “Thank you!” Your gifts will enable us to fulfill three of our key priorities:

1) expand outreach and marketing so others will learn about our work,

2) help fund the Center’s personnel and administrative expenses, and

3) underwrite scholarships for those who can’t afford higher registration fees

I cannot think of a more gratifying way to begin a New Year, knowing the Center is supported by so many of you. May there be many moments of “Wow!” and “Thank you!” for all of us in 2022.


photo by Hannah Busing via Unsplash