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    Center for Spiritual Wisdom

    Living a Vibrant Spiritual Life

    We teach spiritual practices as tools of transformation for the common good. We strive to align our work with God’s loving presence and action in the world.



    Center for Spiritual Wisdom offers workshops, conferences, group learning, retreats, and pilgrimages to promote Vibrant Spiritual Life. During the pandemic, most of our offerings take place online. Click here to discover our current programs.

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    Our Inspiration page features enouraging words and good-for-your-soul reflections by our staff and associates. Center for Spiritual Wisdom is here to suport you and your spiritual journey. This section will serve as a good resource.

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    The Center is a young non-profit organization. We rely on individual donations to help sustain our operating costs. From our very beginning, donations have been our largest source of funding. Please partner with us!


    Center for Spiritual Wisdom serves all seekers — whoever you are and wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

    The mission of Center for Spiritual Wisdom is to help people learn about spiritual practices in the interest of spiritual growth and transformation. Anyone may participate in the Center’s events, whether or not they are members of a faith community.

    The Center strives to integrate the active and contemplative dimensions of life: soul work & justice work, science & spirituality, faith & reason, individual needs & the public good.

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    Center for Spiritual Wisdom promotes compassionate action and transformative growth in relation to God, neighbor, self, creation, and cosmos through the integration of practice, learning, engagement, and reflection.

    We emphasize experiential learning through spiritual practices, real-world engagement, peer teaching, and other learning methods.

    At CSW, spiritual practices are defined broadly to include traditional disciplines such as lectio divina and contemplative prayer, personal learning tools such as the Enneagram, and contemporary approaches such as eco-spirituality, social justice engagement, and the creative arts.

    We offer multiple learning opportunities: one-day workshops, multi-day retreats, ongoing spiritual practice groups, and multi-week courses of study. Center offerings are held in a variety of settings, including colleges, faith communities, conference & retreat centers, etc. During the coronavirus pandemic, most of our events are held online.


    Soul Friend, Spiritual Companion Sessions

    Soul Friend, Spiritual Companion Sessions

    Director Rob Field offers Spiritual Direction services at Elk Haven Wellness Center. Some people refer to spiritual direction as a “Soul Friend” or “Spiritual Companion” service. “When I was a pastor, much of my work involved giving spiritual guidance through...