Discover the Most Effective Tool for Spiritual Growth

A 5-Week Online Learning Series

led by Rob Field and Paula Benton

CSW Director Rob Field and Spiritual Director Paula Benton will co-lead a 5-week online introduction to the Enneagram Feb. 23 through March 23. The Enneagram has rightfully been called the greatest tool for spiritual growth ever developed. If you’re hoping 2021 will be a time of personal awakening and spiritual development, the Enneagram and this introductory series are perfect for you.

Ennea-WHAT? will meet on five Tuesdays from 2:00-3:30 p.m., beginning Feb. 23, using Zoom video conferencing. The final session will be held March 23. Registrations, at a cost of $229 per person, are now being accepted. CLICK HERE to register and pay. 

The Enneagram is a spiritual typology with 9 numbers. The Enneagram invites us to discover our “home number” to better understand our own innate gifts and habitual challenges. The Enneagram has been called both the “Face of God” and the “Face of Humanity” because it reveals — comprehensively and at depth — the divine essence of every person who learns and applies its wisdom.

Paula Benton and Rob Field, both spiritual directors, have been learning about and teaching the Enneagram for decades. Together and separately, they have led dozens of Enneagram workshops, seminars, and retreats. Although the Enneagram is often used as a “personality typing” survey, Rob and Paula prefer to teach it according to its original purpose: as a powerful tool for spiritual growth.

The Enne-WHAT? series will use a variety of learning methods: handouts, video clips, recommended reading, multi-media presentations, and group discussions to communicate the foundations of the Enneagram. All weekly sessions will be conducted online via Zoom video conferencing, which is a free, easy-to-use platform. Participants will learn basic information about the Enneagram, a brief history of the typology, the Riso-Hudson levels of development, and — most essentially — how to use the wisdom of the Enneagram in daily life. Rob and Paula plan to create an informal and light-hearted atmosphere to enhance everyone’s learning. Participation will be limited to insure an interactive, high-quality learning experience.

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Co-Leaders Rob Field & Paula Benton

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