CSW Director Rob Field offers Soul Friend sessions at Elk Haven Wellness Center, in person, by telephone, as well as video conferencing. Some people refer to soul friend work as a “Spiritual Direction” or “Spiritual Companioning.”

“When I was a pastor, much of my work involved giving spiritual guidance through teaching, preaching and personal conversations,” says Rob. “I often wished I had more time to offer Spiritual Direction — to be a Soul Friend to those who don’t want to pursue spiritual growth alone. I’m looking forward to meeting with folks individually and offer whatever guidance, spiritual friendship, and support I can. It’s an honor and deep joy for me to work with those who want to be more intentional in their inner journey.”

The first session will always be free of charge, to give each person a chance to get to know Rob and discuss their interest in Soul Friendship. After the first session, a fee will be charged based on the person’s ability to pay (the minimum is $75 per session). As a long-time teacher of world religions, Rob enjoys working with people of all religious backgrounds — and none.

Rob uses the Enneagram, a spiritual typology, as a tool for soul friend sessions. Each session will last about 55 minutes and take place (public health conditions permitting) at Elk Haven Wellness Center in Brevard. Telephone and “virtual” appointments via secure video conferencing are also available. Elk Haven is located at 100 Elks Club Road in Brevard, just off Park Avenue and not far from the main entrance to College Walk Retirement Community.

If you’d like to book a no-cost exploratory session with Rob, please contact him directly at (828) 577-8168 or director@centersw.org

CSW Director Rob Field

Rob Field Profile Photo