Silent Group Meditation

with Robert Cabin

Tuesdays from
7:00 to 8:30 AM

Elk Haven Wellness Center, Brevard, N.C.


In meditation and in our daily lives, there are three qualities that we can cultivate.
We already possess these, but they can be ripened: precision, gentleness, and the ability to let go. 
-Pema Chodron

A regular meditation practice can yield many benefits. Studies have shown meditation can reduce stress, improve sleep, and enhance mental and physical health. It can calm our often racing minds and increase our ability to concentrate and focus on what is most important. A consistent practice may allow us to transform our day-to-day life into a more peaceful, joyful, and meaningful existence.Many people find that these kinds of positive effects are greatly enhanced by meditating with others. Consequently, we are pleased to launch a meditation group beginning January 9, 2024.

We will meet in the community room at Elk Haven Wellness Center in Brevard on Tuesday mornings from 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. Following the meditation period, there will be a discussion and community building for those who are interested. This will be an open, ongoing group, and drop-ins will be welcome. A suggested donation of $10 will help to cover the cost of this and other CSW programs. No experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. Those who would like to meditate for more than half an hour can start at 7:00 AM, and those who would like to meditate for half an hour or less can start at 7:30. A time of informal discussion will begin at 8:00 for those who are interested.

Dr. Robert Cabin was a Professor of Environmental Studies at Brevard College from 2005 to 2023. Throughout his career, Dr. Cabin increasingly came to see the limitations of a strictly intellectual approach to help others understand environmental issues in particular, and find meaning and happiness in general. Ultimately, he left academia in order to more effectively help others integrate and unite their own intellectual, physical, and spiritual selves, utilize their greatest gifts, and lead their best lives.

For more information, questions, and requests, please email Robert Cabin.

Drop-ins are welcome, and you can donate with a check or cash in person OR register below and make a donation via EventBrite.