2 Options to Participate: Drop-In Attendance at $20 per session

or purchase 12 Sessions for $200 (= 2 free sessions)

Center for Spiritual Wisdom and certified yoga instructor Betsy Perry will continue offerring weekly Kundalini Yoga classes in Brevard, beginning Tuesday, January 3, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. (2022 sessions will conclude on Dec. 20). The series is open to beginners as well as experienced yoga students.

Our bodies are messengers of the spirit and bring new understanding of our inner selves. The practice of Kundalini Yoga is one way to connect with God, the Source, or the Infinite in order to live more consciously from our Essence or True Self. Much like Contemplative Prayer, Kundalini Yoga helps us surrender into a stillness bringing us closer to the Divine. Kundalini Yoga is a fast and efficient way to establish an aligned relationship between body, mind, and spirit towards a higher level of consciousness.

Come join us to try this ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga that is all about thriving in our bodies and spiritually. Each class has a combination of meditation, reflection, poses, and breathing techniques that is done with respect for what your body has to offer. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Betsy Perry at whatmatters.souljourney@gmail.com

All sessions take place at Elk Haven Wellness Center, 100 Elks Club Road, in Brevard. Each one lasts 90 minutes.

Here, students can purchase a 12-ticket packet at $200 per student, which includes a discount equivalent to two free classes. Pay here, then pick up your tickets at the next class you attend. (Want to avoid service fees? Send a check for $200 to CSW, 100 Elks Club Rd., Brevard, N.C. 28712 and write “K. Yoga” on the memo line.)  Students can drop in to suit their schedule, and choose which classes to attend. Walk-ins are also welcome at a cost of $20 per session (payable via cash or check at the door).

Kundalini Yoga is like a 5-course meal beginning with tuning in using a chant calling upon the inner divine self as teacher, then warm-ups to prepare the body for the next course called a kriya-a set of poses for a specific health-related purpose. Relaxation follows allowing the body and spirit to integrate the experience and ending with a meditation. Special breathing, chanting, and hand positions are used to enhance the flow of energy both within and outside our bodies.

Once a month, we’ll have a class that focuses on an area of body, spirit, or mind that class members will select. To join us, no experience is necessary, just come with an open heart and mind and some curiosity. Here’s what some of Betsy’s students are saying about their experience:

As I began to learn about and practice Kundalini Yoga under the tutelage of Betsy Perry, I was astounded. Each class has offered not only physical movement, but inner strength. Head, heart and body are integrated into each experience. It’s a high point of me week. Paula

Cautiously emerging from Covid isolation, I desperately needed to get out of isolation and wanted to get back into a yoga practice.  I was overjoyed to discover Kundalini Yoga at the Center for Spiritual Wisdom, a place I was familiar with for getting my contemplative needs met. I did not know what Kundalini Yoga entailed, but decided to give it a try. It was as if my prayers and desires were met — Kundalini Yoga gave me food for my body as well as my spirit. This weekly practice under Betsy Perry’s expert and gentle guidance has given me a rooted sense of community with the group and a growing respect for Betsy who wraps us in a practice of love that also stretches our bodies as well as our spiritual horizons. With growing respect for Betsy and a love of Kundalini Yoga. —Theresa

This series welcomes all ages, bodies, and abilities on the mat or in a chair. The poses can be practiced at whatever level your body gives you. The focus will be on moving energy up and down the spine, opening the heart center, and bringing awareness to all your chakras. Betsy Perry (see photo below) is passionate about Kundalini Yoga as a daily practice and loves teaching this yoga of awareness. She is certified through the Kundalini Research Institute, and most recently taught Kundalini Yoga at The Shift Studio in Hendersonville. Come to the mat or chair with Betsy, and you will find renewed energy of body, a more peaceful mind, and a more loving spirit.


top photo by Anupam Mahapatra via Unsplash