5-Session Learning Series with Paula Benton & Rob Field

Sundays August 18 through September 22 2 – 4 PM – in person & online –

Elk Haven Wellness Center, Brevard

Join Paula Benton and Rob Field for an experiential learning series designed to help you use the Enneagram to reconnect with your soul in all its depth, complexity, and beauty. The series will meet Aug. 18 through Sept. 22 during five weekly sessions in Brevard. The day and time will be Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00 PM Eastern (the group will not meet Sept. 1). Cost is only $225 per person, which includes your own copy of Don Riso and Russ Hudson’s The Wisdom of the Enneagram. Online attendance via Zoom is also available for $199 per person.

When we give ourselves to the hard work of integrating what we have come to learn about ourselves, the Enneagram becomes a sacred map of our soul, one that shows us the places where we have vulnerabilities or tendencies to get stuck as well as the possibilities of where we can go for deeper freedom and inner peace. – Christopher L. Heuertz

The enneagram helps us understand and accept ourselves as we are, while awakening us to our truest essence. It illuminates our basic psychological dynamics and deepest spiritual longings, fostering profound self-love and compassion. This self-awareness naturally extends to love and compassion for others, making the Enneagram a true path for changing the world.

For this offering, basic knowledge of the Enneagram and one’s own Enneatype are assumed. Resources will be made available to participants prior to Aug. 18 to enable them to review basic information. The Enneagram is widely recognized as one of the most powerful tools for inner growth, and distills the wisdom of many different spiritual traditions.